«SkyFORS» : whole range of options for Oracle environments.
Best practices and expertise on Oracle Integrated Cloud products and technologies
from FORS Solution Center, a leading provider of comprehensive Oracle solutions in Russia.
High-tech infrastructure, top team of experts and business development programs.

FORS Distribution

FORS Distribution presents ‘SkyFORS Partners’ partner business development program dedicated to Oracle cloud products and technologies.

Program resources and strategies are focused on promoting Oracle public, hybrid, and private products and technologies. Best practices and leading expertise in advantages of Oracle Public Cloud.

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  • This program takes into account the business specifics of all categories of partners, such as system integrators, resellers, service providers and independent software developers.

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  • The SkyFORS special resources are focused on supporting cloud service providers and commercial data center operators.

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Partners: program options Strategies and resources

Platform resources

    • Dedicated team of sales and pre-sale professionals in Oracle Integrated Cloud: products and technologies: private, hybrid, and public cloud IT scenarios
    • The renewed resources of the Oracle — ‘FORS Solution Center’ — a center of comprehensive solutions — including features of the hybrid ‘SkyFORS Cloud’ platform based on the Tier 3 data center
    • Authored webinars and workshops on
      Oracle Private and Public Cloud: products, technologies, business
    • Specialized website containing information on resources and
      options the of skyfors.ru program
    • Best business practices and expertise in sales of new services and products: licensing, support, services

Partner advantage

For Systems Integrators and Resellers:

  • Out-of-the-box top-level pre-sale resources on Oracle
  • SkyFORS Cloud local cloud platform resources for Oracle environments
  • Special expertise in licensing practices and service cost-efficiency of Oracle projects related to cloud solutions
  • Support sales of professional technical consulting services

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For Software Developing companies:

  • Technological, infrastructure and hosing resources of the SkyFORS Cloud

platform for::

— Development and testing environments

— Variable solutions, including SaaS models

  • FORS ISV Migration Center services

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SkyFORS Partners

Strategies and resources for service providers

Unique opportunities in business development using Oracle products and technologies for service providers and commercial data center operators.

Developing and promoting of joined products related to platform services in data management based on Oracle technologies. Out-of-the-box infrastructure and technological solutions, expert evaluation to design specialized cloud and hosting environments for Oracle-based solutions.

Tecnology integration and business-related projects based on Oracle Cloud services

Optimized hardware and software of Oracle Engineered Systems, including out-of-the-box solutions based on Oracle Exadata Database Machine, Oracle Database Appliance, etc.

Full support cycle for Oracle products — from ready pre-sales Oracle expert evaluation to specialized business practices in selling Oracle licensed and service products

«SkyFORS Cloud»

Professional cloud platform for solutions based on Oracle products and technologies. SkyFORS Сloud technological base combines hardware and software components of Oracle portfolio intended to design highly scalable and reliable solutions for main cloud service scenarios:

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Company Profile

Streamlined platform resources allow to effectively address a wide range of purposes: from testing, development, database and ISV application hosting environments to support of highly loaded business-critical partner environments in the production space.

Platform resources. Users can use the services anywhere in the world, and Tier III+ data center infrastructure ensures 24х7 reliability combined with 99.999% availability of basic and production services.

SkyFORS IaaS: – Infrastructure as a service

Ability to rent all the components of the latest IT infrastructure based on hardware and software platform services optimized for Oracle environments.

FORS Solution Center: leading expertise and best practices in streamlined Oracle hardware and software.


Oracle Servers x86 & SPARC, Storage, Oracle Linux, VM, Oracle Solaris, Oracle Enterprise Manager, hardware and software technologies of western and domestic developers.

Dedicated Solutions

For critical and highly loaded applications and Oracle databases. Providing out-of-the-box certified platforms to handle security critical data, including personal data.

SkyFORS Cloud production resources

SkyFORS Cloud production resources ensure 99.999% availability based on TIER III+ data center infrastructure

SkyFORS PaaS: Platform as a Service

Out-of-the-box platform services for Oracle databases, applications and middleware:

Flexible and scalable solutions
for development and testing environments,
and reliable high performance
services to handle production loads.

  • SkyFORS DBaaS: database as a service
  • SkyFORS WLaaS: WebLogic, Java as a service
  • SkyFORS Exadata: Exadata as a service

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out-of-the-box infrastructure, technological and hosting services for Oracle environments and solutions:

  • SkyFORS DBaaS: database as a service

Database-as-s-Service is a new approach to using databases. Automation of deployment and management processes on demand using a self-service portal.

SkyFORS SaaS: Software as a Service

Using different scenarios to deploy applications Streamlined application infrastructure based on Oracle products and technologies

  • Out-of-the-box infrastructure and practices for deployment applications of Oracle partner (ISV) developers using SaaS model
  • Oracle Business Process Services (BPS) platform is a set of Oracle industrial applications based on cloud-services:
  • Consulting and project support based on Oracle Cloud Marketplace.

  • Flexible and scalable solutions
    for development and testing environments,
    and reliable high performance
    services to handle production loads.

«SkyFORS Managed Services»

Out-of-the-box technology services for Oracle cloud-based IT model environments.

Implementation, operation and support for Oracle products and technologies using effective cloud-based services to address high-performance tasks, maintaining database application reliability and availability.

  • SkyFORS Replicate as a service is physical and logical database replication into the cloud.

  • SkyFORS DR as a service is creating Standby copies of cloud databases.

  • SkyFORS Exadata as a service is a leading industrial platform for business-critical highly loaded databases.
  • SkyFORS Backup & Recovery is data backup and recovery services.

  • SkyFORS DBA as a service is professional technological support in administration, operation and optimization of applications and databases.

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Users can use the services anywhere in the world, and Tier III+ data center infrastructure ensures 24х7 reliability combined with 99.999% availability of basic and production services.

Advantages Professional solutions for Oracle environments based on cloud and hosting IT models.

High performance, highly available and reliable solutions, support, optimization and administration: out-of-the-box services and practices
for applications, databases and information systems based on Oracle products and technologies

  • Optimization of capital and operational costs due to using of cloud-based IT economy model
  • Increasing SLAs for critical services at minimum cost
  • Streamlining deployment of new IT and business services due to more effective data processing on all levels
  • Prompt technological consulting from top Oracle experts
  • Local integration services with Oracle Cloud features

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Support and assistance of platform services by team of acknowledged experts in Oracle technologies from “FORS” CG. Maintaining and support of mission-critical Oracle Database environments by Oracle Certified Professionals and Oracle Certified Masters.

SkyFORS Managed Services

Out-of-the-box infrastructure, technological and hosting services for Oracle environments

«SkyFORS DBA Services»

Support and assistance of platform services by team of acknowledged experts in Oracle technologies from “FORS” CG. Maintaining and support of mission-critical Oracle Database environments by Oracle Certified Professionals and Oracle Certified Masters.

«SkyFORS Integration»

SkyFORS Cloud technological strategy intensively uses public Oracle Cloud.

Advanced features of the platform include development, presentation and implementation of various solutions for integrating local IT solutions of our partners, customers and general Oracle Cloud resources.

SkyFORS Integration include out-of-the-box practices, expert evaluation and implementation services for key Oracle Cloud features:

  • Oracle Database Cloud Service
  • Oracle Database Backup Cloud
  • Oracle Management Cloud
  • Oracle Java Cloud Service
  • Oracle Business Analytics Cloud
  • Oracle Integration Cloud

Oracle Cloud

SkyFORS Integration team consists of leading experts and technology practitioners on Oracle Cloud products and technologies, authors of training programs and courses on Oracle cloud solutions.

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Oracle Integration Cloud

SkyFORS capabilities include smart use of the latest Oracle Integration Cloud services, including scenarios of integration with on-premises solutions of Oracle partners and customers in Russia.

SkyFORS Integration

Integration of Oracle Cloud and on-premises IT solutions

Oracle Integration into Oracle Cloud include unified comprehensive service component sets, streamlining integration of on-premises customer solutions and cloud services.

New Oracle Cloud capabilities allow fast implementation, smart management and integration of Oracle industrial application in cloud and on-premises, ISV products and their sharing, including connection to data processing services and sources of different types.

  • Oracle Integration Cloud Services
  • Oracle SaaS и DaaS

SkyFORS Integration resources enable access to best practices of testing, presentation and implementation new solutions from Oracle and partners.

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FORS Company Group

A leader in the information technology market

  • 25 years on the IT market
  • One of top 5 consulting companies
  • One of top 5 distribution companies
  • One of top 10 software developers

Full range of IT services

FORS is a group of companies dealing with the full range of IT services for development and implementation of leading-edge information systems, infrastructure solutions, technical support and training. FORS is a leading developer, integrator and distributor of Oracle solutions, and is a Platinum Partner of Oracle Corporation. FORS has been repeatedly awarded as the best Oracle partner and distributor in EMEA region.

The company has successfully implemented over 1000 large-scale IT projects and has created a number of unique information systems for large-scale government and commercial organizations.


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SkyFORS allows to examine all Oracle Integrated Cloud technologies for private, hybrid, and public cloud solutions. We provide access to testing and researching the three Oracle service models, such as IaaS, PaaS/DBaaS, SaaS.

We provide our partners the capability to test different technologies and options for Oracle databases, including new hardware and software solutions.

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Contact information

129626, Moscow, Grafskiy Pereulok d.14, str.2

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